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Apple reinstates 500px app after porn pull

The 500px app is back in Apple's App Store after being pulled on Jan. 22 over concerns about nude imagery.
The 500px app download comes with a warning.

After Apple pulled the 500px for iOS app from its U.S. App Store on Jan. 22, the app is back today with an update that allays concerns about users finding nude imagery through the photo sharing service's app.

Version 2.0.4 adds a "Report this photo" link and comes with an age-restricted material warning when downloading it from the App Store. 

500px COO Evgeny Tchebotarev told The Verge that Apple requested the "report" functionality as well as search restrictions to prevent pornographic images from appearing in results. The new 17+ age rating is iTunes' highest, and was also an Apple requirement, according to Tchebotarev.

While Apple cracks down on 500px, the Vine video sharing app, which has been stirring up quite a bit of controversy this week as users share pornographic videos via its social network, maintains a 12+ age rating in the App Store. 


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I am teaching my son photography. After many outings he asked me to give him a link to a web site which shows great photographs to inspire him. I gave him 500px. He loved it and it helped him. He is 9 years old. So if he would have an iPhone / iPad he would no longer be able to use it. One more reason we switched our family from Mac to Windows + Android.

I am a German. It has always amused me why in the US images of nudity ( read artistic and tasteful musing about the beauty of the human body ) or making love is PG 18 but killing people can be PG 8. Should it not be the other way around ?


Erin did you read the title after you wrote it? :o


LOL!!! Porn Pull!!


Hahaha ...but lets face it ...500px isn't a site for kids ...there are a lot of "iffy" shots on there, even ones bordering on the edge of "artistic/child porn/plain ol' tatty" shots

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Total comments: 4
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