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Nokia releases update to its Camera Beta app


Nokia's Camera Beta for Windows Phone is arguably one of the best camera apps for enthusiast users. It combines comprehensive manual control with an excellent user interface. We look forward to using it each time we get to review a Nokia Lumia device. 

Now Nokia has released an update that makes the app even better. It now supports Living Images, which is an update to Nokia's Cinemagraph "software lens." Continuous autofocus and surround sound capture are also new in this latest version. Unfortunately these new features are only supported by the very latest generation of Nokia smartphones, the Lumia 930, Icon and 1520. 

But older Lumia devices benefit from the update, too. There is an updated Camera Roll that includes full resolution zoom and inline video playback that comes with integrated Creative Studio and Video Trimmer functionality. The latest version of Nokia Camera Beta can be downloaded from the Windows Phone link below.

Source: Windows Phone | Via: GSM Arena



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I sell my Lumia 1020,because of bad colours, and lowlight photography is under my exceptions... and now I'm happy with unbeatable photo quality that come out of my Iphone 5s with #Cortex Camera APP.
Usable apps are also there for photo editing...

sry Nokia, not yet, and maybe never again....

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Ara Rezaee

Dude! you just blew my mind! This Cortex app is awesome! .... only for still objects though, but still WOW!
put it together with ProCam 2 and Camera+ and you wont be needing another camera app ever again!

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Bad colors and lowlight photography, is that why Apple is hiring from Nokia?

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tried this cortex app and it works wonders. Just ensure you have a steady hand. As for the 1020 bad colors, I am not sure if it is that bad, but rather not to ones taste. Personally I am still enjoying the neutral accurate colors I get from the 808

Digital Suicide

The first thing Nokiasoft should fix is the image colors in 1020. They are way oversaturated and are ok only for Ken Rockwell perhaps...


For this reason I wish Nokia would add color, sharpness, and saturation control real time as it was on the Nokia 808!

With only a set default color setting, you cannot please everyone as every one has different tastes. Also different scenes need different color profiling, eg for landscapes one may want a more saturated image, whereas for portraits, a more neutral tone may be desirable to achieve better skin tonality.

Cmon Nokia/Microsoft, these kind of presets were available on the initial release of the very ancient Nokia n8. Why is there none for the newer Lumia camera phones?


Nokia has the most functional interface in the industry, by a large margin. Period.

The Android based ones are nowhere near.
Apple's is really a joke, where all you got is a button... Can't believe how many shots I've missed by being with the iPhone ever since it was launched, 2007...


I still prefer their camera UX on the 808... it gives you more control overall, and its reasonably organized.


"Apple's is really a joke, where all you got is a button... Can't believe how many shots I've missed by being with the iPhone ever since it was launched, 2007..."

While I know (heck, I've even written several articles on this...) iOS is the worst mobile OS WRT manual camera controls available to third-party apps, you can still "spice up" the stock Camera app with almost all functionality available via the API if you jailbreak and use CameraTweak (2). It's an essential tweak.

Another option is, of course, going the third-party app way.


No 1020 support for the new features is a big let down.

Lars Rehm

seems hardware related, just doesn't work with the speakers and older processor of the 1020.



You meant microphones? ;)

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Lars Rehm

you could be right there ;)


maybe you mean the new espresso app attachment


Pretty much the Processor in the 1020 has been made obsolete. So apart from the 41Mp camera capturing ability, one has to look towards the 930 and the 1520 for the latest and greatest updates.


Nokia's Camera Beta makes a huge difference in the capabilities of my 928 vs. my Galaxy Nexus.
Apple apparently agrees and has kidnapped the creative lead from the Nokia imaging division. I hope that like most technology developers the workers were the creators that made the department head look good.
Try a Nokia, you will be amazed at the creative options and the speed at which they can be accessed.


What the iPhone lacks is the ability to uses physical control to activate the shutter. The dual stage half press to focus and full press to capture has been proven to work well with standard cameras since the advent of autofocus capability.

Maybe Apple will finally incorporate a dual function "volume up" button to have a dual stage activation.


Surround audio is a GREAT addition. I wish other camera / smartphone manufacturers also introduced surround audio - preferably with a directed front mike (the possibly only advantage of the mono audio of all iPhones compared to, say, the Nokia 808).

Total comments: 18
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