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Matterport camera creates 3D models

 Matterport is a startup that cooperated with Google in Project Tango and builds its own 3D-camera.

3 weeks ago
Google's Project Tango camera specs revealed

An item in Chrome issue tracker reveals additional details on Google's Project Tango phone.

1 month ago
Google's Project Tango creates 3D-maps of your surroundings

Google has announced Project Tango, which aims to develop mobile devices that are capable of capturing 3D-maps of your surroundings.

2 months ago
App turns your smartphone into a 3D scanner

New app uses the camera and processing power of smartphones to take 3D scans.

4 months ago
Apple buys 3D sensor company PrimeSense

The company behind the motion tracking in the original Xbox 360 Kinect has been acquired by Apple.

5 months ago
Hands-on with Seene: App puts 3D photos in the palm of your hand

Seene for iOS turns 3D technology into consumable, sharable, interactive photos.

6 months ago
3D for iPhones the new, old-fashion way

The Poppy analogue device turns your iPhone into a 3D camera and viewer. 

8 months ago
Poppy turns iPhones into 3D cameras

This new gadget captures and displays 3D photos and videos using an iPhone.

10 months ago
3D printing pen lets you build your own sculptures in thin air

The 3Doodler is now available for preorder through Kickstarter.

Feb 19, 2013
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