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Adobe launches Lightroom for iPad

Adobe has released a Lightroom iPad app for Creative Cloud subscribers. 

1 week ago
Lensbaby brings 'Sweet Spot ' selective focus lens to iPhone

Lensbaby has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final development stages for its Sweet Spot selective focus iPhone lens.

1 week ago
Apple patents bayonet mount for mobile devices

Apple has patented a bayonet mount for attaching lenses and other accessories to mobile devices.

2 weeks ago
Apple applies for dual-sensor camera patent

Apple aims to patent a dual-sensor camera design that allows for thinner devices and better image quality. 

3 weeks ago
Apple patents remote control for iPhone camera

Apple has been granted a patent for a wireless accessory that can remotely control the camera of an iPhone or iPad.

4 weeks ago
Apple releases 8GB version of iPhone 5c

Apple has introduced a less expensive 8GB version of the iPhone 5c.

1 month ago
Apple is on camera-engineer hiring spree

Apple is looking to hire a range of camera engineers, covering all sections of the imaging pipeline. 

1 month ago
iOS 7.1 brings auto HDR mode to iPhone 5S

Apple has released its first major update to iOS 7. iOS 7.1 brings a host of bug fixes and refinements, including a new Auto HDR mode to the flagship iPhone 5S. 

1 month ago
Apple's magnetic solution for adding lenses to iPhone camera

Apple has patented two novel ways of expanding the capabilities of the iPhone's camera.

3 months ago
Lightstrap is a ring flash for your iPhone

New Kickstarter case wants to give your iPhone photos the fashionable look of a ring flash.

4 months ago
Motrr Galileo elevates your iPhone panorama photography

New accessory improves panorama process.

4 months ago
Apple patents lightfield-like imaging system for iPhones

A new patent from Apple hints at post-focusing for iPhone photos.

5 months ago
Accessory review: PhoGo iPhone camera case and lenses

The PhoGo for iPhone combines a sturdy case, tripod mount and lens attachments. 

5 months ago
Apple buys 3D sensor company PrimeSense

The company behind the motion tracking in the original Xbox 360 Kinect has been acquired by Apple.

5 months ago
Apple debuts new iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display

At a press event today, Apple announced the future of its tablets, large and small.

6 months ago
'We still have a lot to cover': Apple announces event for October 22nd

The cryptic invite says "we still have a lot to cover."

6 months ago
October 22nd to be a big day for tablets

Apple and Nokia are expected to make announcements on the 22nd, while Microsoft's Surface 2 hits shelves.

6 months ago
National Geographic photographer takes the iPhone 5S out shooting—and likes it

Jim Richardson left his Nikon at home for a trip to the Scottish Highlands.

6 months ago
Review: How does Apple's new iPhone 5s perform as a camera?

We measure the imaging capabilities of Apple's latest.

6 months ago
Slow-mo iOS videos, no iPhone 5s needed

If you have an iPhone 4 or newer, you can take slow motion videos with this new app.

6 months ago
Confessions of an iPhone 5s panorama addict

Is the new and improved panorama feature of the iPhone 5s really that much better? DPReview editor Barnaby Britton thinks so.

7 months ago
iPhone sales surpass estimates while BlackBerry gets closer to privatization

Smartphone powerhouses Apple and BlackBerry shared very different news this week.

7 months ago
Four phablets to expect this fall

Manufacturers are expected to launch large smartphones and small tablets before the holiday shopping season.

7 months ago
Sample gallery: Apple's iPhone 5s

DPReview Editor Barnaby Britton spent the weekend shooting with Apple's new flagship phone.

7 months ago
Apple iPhone 5s: One photographer's first impressions

Dean Holland puts the iPhone 5s up against its predecessor, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and a compact camera.

7 months ago
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