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CASE Remote: smartphone remote for your DSLR

CASE Remote slots into your camera's hotshoe and connects to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi link

11 hours ago
Steady App captures stabilized video on the iPhone

The new Steady app provides digital image stabilization and slow motion video for the iPhone.

1 week ago
Adobe Photoshop Express update brings Raw editing

Version 3.4. of Adobe's free Photoshop Express App for iOS and Android comes with new features including Raw file editing.

1 week ago
High-resolution smartphone cameras may pose security risk

Hackers could use smartphone cameras to view reflections of the screen content in the eyes of the users or even capture fingerprints. 

3 weeks ago
Trunx and Shutter apps offer free unlimited cloud storage for images

Two new cloud storage services, Trunx and Shutter, offer free unlimited storage of your smartphone images and videos.

4 weeks ago
Air Stylus turns your iPad into a graphics tablet

Air Stylus for iPad is a budget-friendly alternative to a graphics tablet. 

1 month ago
Apple files patent application for artificial muscle camera lens actuator

A new Apple patent filing describes how a single artificial muscle structure is used to replace traditional motors to control focus and aperture in a camera module. 

1 month ago
Nova provides off-camera flash for the iPhone

The Nova off-camera flash unit gives you more control over your iPhone flash photography.

1 month ago
Shoulderpod announces S1 smartphone mount

The Shoulderpod S1 is an adjustable smartphone holder that mounts on a tripod or can be used as a hand grip and device stand.

1 month ago
Picquest wants to be the Uber for photography

Picquest provides location-based search for photographers on your mobile device.

1 month ago
Major Instagram update brings new editing features

Version 6 of Instagram for Android and iOS comes with new editing options.

1 month ago
New camera app features in Apple's iOS 8

Apple's new iOS 8 contains additional imaging features that did not get a mention at yesterday's WWDC event.

1 month ago
iOS 8: Apple updates Photos and Camera apps

Apple is using its annual Developers' Conference to unveil iOS 8, which includes some interesting refinements to the native Photos app.

1 month ago
iStick allows for easy image transfer from iPhone to computer

The iStick Kickstarter project combines a USB and Apple Lightning connector for easy file transfer between iOS devices and computers.

2 months ago
Apple releases 8GB version of iPhone 5c

Apple has introduced a less expensive 8GB version of the iPhone 5c.

4 months ago
MEGA iOS app adds PhotoSync feature

The latest update of the MEGA cloud storage service's iOS app adds a feature to automatically sync your photographs.

5 months ago
You can now send private messages on Instagram

With "Instagram Direct," users can send each other photos, videos and text privately. 

7 months ago
Flickr announces auto upload feature for iOS 7 app

iPhone photographers can now automatically upload their photos to Flickr's free terabyte of cloud storage.

9 months ago
500px gets an iOS 7 makeover

500px updated its iOS app to better fit iOS 7.

9 months ago
Loom for iOS updated with RAW support

This iOS app wants to keep track of all your photos, no matter what file type they are.

9 months ago
Slow-mo iOS videos, no iPhone 5s needed

If you have an iPhone 4 or newer, you can take slow motion videos with this new app.

9 months ago
Tablets for photographers: Versatile tools when shooting

Integrating a tablet into a live shoot with a DSLR.

10 months ago
Instagram updated for iOS 7

Cleaner interface, larger photos among updates.

10 months ago
How some of the best iPhone photography apps have updated for iOS 7

Camera+, Flickr and Hipstamatic are just a few of the iPhone apps that have been optimized for iOS 7.

10 months ago
Triggertrap revamps mobile app

New look and enhanced features for trigger happy photographers.

10 months ago
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