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Narrative Clip 2 wearable camera shoots 1080p video

Narrative has launched the second generation of its Clip wearable camera.

14 hours ago
Recently turns your iPhone camera roll into a print magazine

Recently sends you a monthly magazine with your favorite iPhone images.

1 day ago
Astropad Mini turns your iPhone into a graphics tablet

The makers of the Astropad iPad app bring its Photoshop companion to the iPhone.

5 days ago
Outside of the box: Instagram now allows landscape and portrait formats

In a surprise move, Instagram has done away with its limitation to square format.

6 days ago
Infltr for iOS comes with millions of filters

The Infltr app allows you to adjust filter effects by swiping across the screen.

6 days ago
Facebook Moments app update turns images into movies

Facebook's Moments app receives its first major update since launch.

1 week ago
Apple offers to replace faulty iPhone 6 Plus camera modules

A camera component in a small number of iPhone 6 Plus devices is prone to failure. Apple is offering to replace affected units.

1 week ago
VHS Camcorder for iOS takes you back to the 80s

VHS Camcorder gives your video footage an 80s retro look.

1 week ago
Really Nice Images introduces RNI Films iOS app

RNI Films for iOS features filters based on real film stocks.

3 weeks ago
500px launches redesigned iOS app

500px has redesigned its iOS mobile app for more simplicity and better social features.

4 weeks ago
LxMeter turns your smartphone into a light and flash meter

LxMeter attaches to your smartphone and lets you use it as a light and flash meter.

1 month ago
Nightcap Pro 7 brings Watch support and photo tips

The Nightcap Pro app is worth a closer look for anyone doing night photography on the iPhone.

2 months ago
Google to phase out Google+ Photos

Google+ Photos will shut down starting on August 1.

2 months ago
Pixelmator update brings Dynamic Touch and improved repair tools

The Pixelmator mobile image editing app has been improved with a range of new features.

2 months ago
Instagram updates Explore page and search

Instagram has pushed a major update for US users.

3 months ago
Cascable iOS app offers remote control of WiFi-enabled cameras

Cascable is a new iOS app offering remote control over Wi-Fi enabled Canon cameras.

3 months ago
Vimeo updates Cameo video editing app for iPhone

Vimeo adds new editing functions and simplifies the user interface of its Cameo video editing app.

3 months ago
Facebook's Moments app allows for private sharing of images

Facebook's Moments app lets you share photos from events among friends.

3 months ago
iOS 9 code suggests improved front camera on new iPhones

The front camera in the next generation iPhones could feature an LED flash and slow motion video at 720p.

3 months ago
Kolektio helps capture and share moments among friends

Kolektio helps privately share images from parties and other events.

3 months ago
Camera51 'framing assist' app now available for iOS

Camera51 was launched last year for Android, now iOS users can try it out as well.

4 months ago
Flickr for iOS update brings camera roll look and feel

The updated Flickr for iOS app aims to mimic Apple's camera roll.

4 months ago
Apple investigating dual-camera telephoto system

Apple apples for a patent looking into the combines use of wide-angle and telephoto lenses in mobile devices.

5 months ago
Apple patent hints at super resolution camera mode

Apple has patented a super resolution camera mode that uses the same image shift concept as some Olympus and Pentax cameras.

5 months ago
Adobe Lightroom Android and iOS mobile apps updated

Along with the desktop software, the Adobe Lightroom mobile apps just received a refresh.

5 months ago
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