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LG V10 features dual front cam and secondary display

The new LG V10 comes with a couple of unique new features.

4 months ago
LG launches G Pad II 10.1 with 7400mAh battery

LG's G Pad II 10.1 offers a large battery and and interesting reader mode.

6 months ago
LG G4 camera review

The LG G4 boasts Raw image capture and manual control over shooting settings. Read our full review of its imaging capabilities.

7 months ago
LG 4 Beat launches with some G4 camera features

Like the high-end G4 the G4 Beat mid-ranger comes with a color spectrum sensor and laser-assisted AF.

7 months ago
LG G4 puts focus on the camera

LG's new G4 comes with an interesting design and innovative camera features.

10 months ago
Upcoming LG G4 to feature F1.8 aperture and manual camera control

LG has posted a couple of teaser videos for the upcoming G4 device, giving away some information about camera specification.

10 months ago
LG announces G Flex 2 smartphone

The G Flex 2 combines the curved screen of its predecessor with upgraded specifications.

Jan 5, 2015
LG launches G3 Beat with Laser AF

Like its bigger cousin, the G3, the LG G3 Beat comes with a Laser-AF system for faster and more precise focusing.

Jul 17, 2014
LG releases G3 with QHD screen and laser-AF

LG's latest flagship phone comes with an ultra-high-resolution screen and a new type of AF-system in its camera.

May 27, 2014
LG launches G2 Mini compact smartphone

LG launches a smaller version of its flagship G2 smartphone, the G2 Mini.

Feb 20, 2014
LG launches LG G Pro 2 phablet with 4k video

LG has launched the LG G Pro 2 in Korea. The global debut of the device is expected at MWC in Barcelona next week.


Feb 13, 2014
DxOMark Mobile analyzes the LG G2's camera capabilities

We have added DxOMark's Mobile Report to our review of the LG G2.

Dec 17, 2013
Camera review: LG's G2 smartphone is first 13MP Android with OIS

From its Snapdragon 800 processor to its 5.2-inch IPS LCD display, the G2 gives plenty of tech spec to drool over.

Nov 15, 2013
Sample Gallery: LG G2 smartphone images

We've just posted a gallery of images from LG's latest flagship smartphone, the G2. 

Nov 8, 2013
Four phablets to expect this fall

Manufacturers are expected to launch large smartphones and small tablets before the holiday shopping season.

Sep 24, 2013
Hands-on with the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet

We look at the LG G2 smartphone's tablet companion, the brand new G Pad 8.3.

Sep 6, 2013
LG G2 images are out of this world

LG sent its new G2 into the stratosphere, and other tales of high-flying smartphones.

Aug 28, 2013
LG says its new screen 4x better than HD displays

Quad HD screen has 538ppi.

Aug 21, 2013
Promotional fiasco injures 20 at LG event

At a release event for LG's G2 smartphone, twenty people were injured trying to win a 13-megapixel G2 smartphone.

Aug 14, 2013
Hands-on with the LG G2 smartphone

Our first look at the LG G2 smartphone at the product launch in New York City.

Aug 7, 2013
LG delivers 13MP flagship G2 smartphone

LG launches its flagship G2 smartphone featuring a 13MP camera and ultrathin 5.2-inch display.

Aug 7, 2013
LG continues Optimus G2 teasers with a window

A new promo photo  shows the Optimus G2's 'QuickWindow' case.

Jul 31, 2013
LG claims it's made the world's thinnest smartphone display

What does the tech mean for the future of mobile devices?

Jul 12, 2013
LG Optimus G Pro users gain new capture features with upgrade

Value Pack adds new video and photo features for AT&T users.

Jul 11, 2013
LG press invite hints at Optimus G sequel

Will LG announce an Optimus G2 at its August 7th event? 

Jul 8, 2013
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