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Gallery app absent from some new Google Play edition devices

The feature-packed Gallery app disappears in favor of the Google+ Photos app.

Dec 12, 2013
Photosynth can now create interactive 3D scenes

Photosynth has gone beyond the panorama with new features.

Dec 10, 2013
Olloclip announces new 3-in-1 macro lens

Olloclip's new lens combo offers 7x, 14x and 21x macro lenses.

Dec 5, 2013
5 photography apps to download to your new iPad

The new  iPad Air and iPad mini are out today, make the most of them with these top imaging apps.

Nov 1, 2013
Samsung announces new 13MP camera unit with optical image stabilization

Samsung claims its new technology can handle low light photos 8 times better than the competition. 

Oct 7, 2013
5 new must-have photo editing apps

If you haven't tried these new photography apps, you should.

Oct 7, 2013
Moto X resolves camera issues with new update

After reviewers panned the Moto X's imaging capabilities, a new software update aims to fix the device's "terrible" camera.

Sep 24, 2013
New iPhone announcement rumored for September 10

Will we see the next gen iPhone in a few weeks?

Aug 12, 2013
New lifelogging camera claims intelligent capture

The OMG Life wearable camera can take up to 2,000 images per day.

Jul 30, 2013
New Moto X rumored to have a camera access via twist

Will Motorola's new phone ask photographers to do the twist?

Jul 15, 2013
Fresh phones coming from Samsung, HTC, Fujitsu and Casio

From rugged protection to impressive battery life, these new smartphones have a lot to offer.

Jun 26, 2013
Eye-Fi Mobi SD card sends photos to mobile devices

iOS, Android and Kindle users can download photos from their digital camera to their mobile devices wirelessly with Eye-Fi's new SD card.

Jun 3, 2013
New Galaxy S4 will use front-facing camera for hands-free "eye scroll"

New York Times source claims Samsung's latest phone release is more software-focused.

Mar 4, 2013
Panasonic says 20-inch, 4K tablet is perfect for photographers

Video released by the electronics manufacturer shows how high-resolution device might benefit photographers. 

Mar 1, 2013
Can new capacitor make xenon smartphone flashes more popular?

Xenon flashes are brighter than LED but not common on super thin mobile devices. 

Feb 21, 2013
HTC teases photo of new 'M7' smartphone

The Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest offering will be announced on Tuesday.

Feb 14, 2013
Panasonic promises better low-light images with sensitivity-boosting sensor tech

By splitting colors using diffraction, Panasonic claims it has doubled the sensitivity of image sensors.

Feb 4, 2013
Rumors of 128GB iPad prove true

A higher storage capacity iPad may offer advantages for photographers on the go.

Jan 29, 2013
Top tablet news: 128GB iPad rumored, red-hot Galaxy Tab and Kindle domination

We round up today's top tablet stories.

Jan 28, 2013
Rumors circulate of a new 41-megapixel Nokia phone

New phone will run Windows Phone 8 and replace the 808 PureView

Jan 24, 2013
HiLO lens puts new angle on iPhone photography

Lens accessory sticks onto iPhone to offer new camera angles. 

Jan 24, 2013
Mobile photography fosters new kind of family photography

More accessible, mobile photography tools are changing the way we capture images of our children, and their experience with photography.

Jan 23, 2013
Hipstamatic out with Tintype SnapPak

New SnapPak for iOS app gets super old school.

Dec 20, 2012
Flickr updates: See what's new

Flickr's latest update for iOS is a total redesign and includes photo filters. Will it be enough to attract new users?

Dec 14, 2012
Twitter update live: A look at what's new

Photo filters are another sign Twitter is making moves to stay competitive and keep users in its own apps.

Dec 11, 2012
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