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Nokia launches N1 Android tablet

The N1 is Nokia's first Android tablet.

Nov 18, 2014
Rawer brings Raw editing to Windows Phone 8.1

The new Rawer app lets you edit Raw files on certain Lumia devices.

Oct 21, 2014
Nokia announces Lumia 830 with OIS and innovative camera modes

Nokia's Lumia 830 comes with optical image stabilization and a range of innovative camera modes.

Sep 4, 2014
Canon and Microsoft sign patent agreement

Canon and Microsoft have signed a patent agreement covering "a broad range of products and services each company offers, including certain digital imaging and mobile consumer products." 

Jul 3, 2014
Nokia Lumia 1020 becomes a tool in medical research

Scientists have connected the Nokia Lumia 1020 to microscopes for medical research purposes.

Jun 2, 2014
Paul Trillo and Microsoft link 50 Lumia 1020s to create bullet effect

The "Lumia Arc of Wonder" combines 50 Nokia Lumia 1020s to create a "bullet effect".

May 23, 2014
Nokia releases update to its Camera Beta app

Nokia has released a new version of its Camera Beta app that includes an updated Cinemagraph feature and continuous AF. 

May 14, 2014
Senior Nokia imaging engineer is joining Apple

Nokia's head of PureView imaging is leaving the company at the end of June to join rival Apple.

May 9, 2014
Nokia device division may become 'Microsoft Mobile'

A leaked letter supposedly reveals that the Nokia Services and Devices division will be renamed to 'Microsoft Mobile'.

Apr 21, 2014
Nokia unveils 20MP Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1

The Lumia 930 comes with a 5-inch full-HD screen,  a 20MP camera module and Windows Phone version 8.1.

Apr 3, 2014
Nokia launches X-series of Android phones

Nokia launches three mid- to low-range smartphones, targeting emerging markets.

Feb 24, 2014
Shooting Raw with the Nokia Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 gains Raw capture through the "Black" firmware update. We took a closer look at the DNG files for its photographic potential. 

Feb 24, 2014
Nokia Lumia Icon brings 20 megapixel PureView to Verizon

Nokia introduces the Lumia Icon with a 20 megapixel PureView camera.

Feb 12, 2014
Nokia rumored to launch Android phone at MWC

According to rumors Finnish manufacturer Nokia will launch an Android powered smartphone at the MWC trade show in Barcelona next week.

Feb 11, 2014
Nokia Lumia 1520 camera review

Nokia's Lumia 1520 enters the 'phablet' class and combines a 1/2.5-inch 20MP BSI CMOS sensor with a F2.4 lens and optical image stabilization. We review its photographic capabilities.

Feb 7, 2014
DxOMark tests Nokia Lumia 1020's Raw image quality

Thanks to the "Black" firmware update the Nokia Lumia 1020 is now capable of recording Raw DNG files. DxOMark has tested the device's Raw image quality and compared it to some compact cameras.

Jan 24, 2014
Sample Gallery: Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone images

Take a look at our first gallery of images from Nokia's Lumia 1520 phablet.

Dec 29, 2013
Lumia Black update adds RAW file support for Nokia Lumia 1020

AT&T rolls out software update for Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nokia Lumia 1520 devices.

Dec 20, 2013
Nokia Camera Beta now for all Lumia smartphones

Pureview or not, Lumia users can test the Nokia Camera App.

Dec 16, 2013
Nokia smartphone shootout: Lumia 920 vs 925 vs 928 vs 1020 in our studio test scene

We've put Nokia's newest smartphones through Dpreview's imaging tests.

Dec 5, 2013
5 best photography apps for your Windows tablet

Download these apps to use your Windows tablet as a digital darkroom. 

Nov 22, 2013
Putting Nokia's zoom claims to the test: Lumia 1020 smartphone versus Canon PowerShot S120

Can Nokia's Pureview technology zoom as well as a compact camera?

Nov 13, 2013
DxOMark Mobile Report: Nokia's Lumia 925 scores nearly as high as 41MP Lumia 1020

Imaging tests score the 8.7MP Lumia 925 just one point lower than the 41MP Lumia 1020.

Nov 7, 2013
Nokia smartphone shootout: A sibling rivalry between the Lumia 920,925 and 928

A look beyond the Lumia 1020: Nokia's Lumia 900 series offer compelling cameras too.

Nov 5, 2013
Download and play with Nokia's new Raw photo files

Nokia shares example DNG images available for download.

Oct 30, 2013
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