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Pulse aims to bring advanced wireless control to your DSLR

Pulse, a project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, aims to bring wireless control to many Nikon and Canon DSLRs.

5 months ago
Cascable iOS app offers remote control of WiFi-enabled cameras

Cascable is a new iOS app offering remote control over Wi-Fi enabled Canon cameras.

11 months ago
Apple patents remote control for iPhone camera

Apple has been granted a patent for a wireless accessory that can remotely control the camera of an iPhone or iPad.

Mar 19, 2014
Accessory review: Shuttr remote image capture

This tiny mobile accessory will activate iPhone or Android cameras via Bluetooth.

Oct 4, 2013
Triggertrap revamps mobile app

New look and enhanced features for trigger happy photographers.

Sep 20, 2013
Weye Feye connects your DSLR and smartphone

The Weye Feye helps connect DSLRs without Wi-Fi capability to Android and iOS smartphones.

Sep 11, 2013
Kickstarter countdown for Muku remote shutter release

Back this Kickstarter campaign by August 9th to get your Muku Shuttr.

Aug 1, 2013
Manything turns your smartphone into a surveillance camera

Remotely record video and photos for safety or fun with the new Manything app and online service.

Jul 16, 2013
Start-up Shutterbug plans for next-gen DSLR smartphone remote

Crowdfunding campaign launched to expand Shutterbug Remote capabilities.

Jul 1, 2013
CameraMator connects your mobile devices and DSLR

CES 2013: CameraMator connects your DSLR and mobile device via Wi-Fi

Jan 8, 2013
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